I could not imagine ignoring my kids on their birthday.  No call. No card.  As if they didn’t exist.

birthday cake

If this happened to you, what would you think?  Is it that the parents hoped that the child didn’t exist?

I could not imagine what possesses someone to treat their children so differently.

I could not imagine consuming myself so deeply into only one of their lives, forsaking the other and his family.



As a stay at home mom, I do have some work that I need to get done. Today I had, HAD, H-A-D to get some laundry done. But it seems like every time I leave the room, my darling four year old [who is autistic] little boy does something destructive.

**sidenote**  After not using the dryer since sometime in May, laundry needs some planning out.  I can’t just throw it into the dryer when I need my nicely cleaned clothes dried because I have been hanging it out.  But I have been putting it off because I did not want to go out into the heat. It has been crazy hot this entire week. Today it was 101°F in the shade of my driveway and I just didn’t feel like going out there. Overall, I do love hanging out the laundry, and it really is my favorite household chore. >>Be sure to check out my new clothespin bag!<<  I think it’s saving enough money to do this so that I can run the central air! And with those crazy temps, I need the central air to run.

I have to go downstairs to the washer. I didn’t time myself, but I was gone the normal amount of time that it takes to take laundry downstairs, sort it, and toss it into the washer, and then trek all the way back upstairs.

It could not have been that long, but when I came back upstairs my nine year old was vacuuming the couch. Apparently, the four year old dumped a box of cereal. What a crunchy mess!  I am very proud of the nine year old’s initiative to clean up after his brother, but was it, perhaps, because he knew that he should have kept a closer eye on him?

It breaks my heart to hear about this. So similar to my four year old, Jeremiah was nonverbal and attracted to water.

Death of 5-year-old autistic boy in Stoughton ruled accidental drowning

Stoughton police and firefighters found the body of a missing 5-year-old boy in a rainwater retention pond Tuesday evening.

The body of Jeremiah Conn, of Madison, was found after firefighters drained a retention pond near the Stoughton Fire Department building on East Main Street, Sgt. Rick Helstad of the Stoughton Police Department said.

The boy was reportedly spotted in or near the pond by a 911 caller at around 4:12 p.m., Helstad said. When officers arrived at the pond, though, they couldn’t find the boy.

Shortly thereafter, they were flagged down by a person who was looking for a missing autistic boy. They began searching the murky pond and the surrounding area with help from the Stoughton Fire Department, he said.

The boy’s shoes were found near the edge of the pond, Helstad said.

While the pond was being searched, almost 100 volunteers joined with police and fire officers to do a block-by-block search of the area, Helstad said.

But ultimately, the boy’s body was found at around 7 p.m. after the pond had been “substantially” drained, he said.

Helstad said the boy was autistic, “almost nonverbal” and “was attracted to water.” His family had brought him to Stoughton for the Stoughton Junior Fair, he said.

The police chaplain was called out to help comfort the boy’s family and the officers, firefighters and volunteers who helped with the search, Helstad said.

There is no fence around the pond where the boy’s body was found.

Helstad said the investigation into the incident has been closed and the death ruled an accidental drowning.

NICK HEYNEN | Wisconsin State Journal | nheynen@madison.com | 608-252-6126

Wisconsin State Journal: http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/crime_and_courts/article_71f3a5c2-c5e3-11e1-8769-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz1zh2M04RQ

Math is a struggle for so many of us. And don’t even get me started on word problems. I think word problems are kinda like public speaking: people would rather die.

The new math program the school district has gone with this year includes homework: each and every day of the week. TWO sides. It gives the kids a chance to review what is going on and give the teacher an idea of where the kids are in their learning. They are beginning multiplication at this point, and needed to come up with their own word problem for the last question on the homework. He went with “Darth Vader has 200 storm troopers. Each one needs 2 blasters. How many blasters does Vader need to order?”

So who wouldn’t include an illustration with your word problem?

Have I mentioned that he is more into art than he is into math? I wasn’t sure if you could tell…

And, yes. The imagination often makes the math homework take a little longer.


Seriously?!?  Children’s Hospital called to cancel John’s appointment less than 15 hours before his appointment.  So many arrangements and accommodations had to be made in order for us to make this appointment, not to mention the five hours of drive time it takes just to see these “professionals”.

Beyond frustrated:  It took over two months to get this appointment.  How freaking long before we can get another one, and when will that be?!?  There are no words to express how upsetting and inconsiderate this is.

May their lives be blessed with all the misery and desolation that I face in the incessant daily battle of trying to get my child to communicate and interact with me.  All I wanted was help.